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Resilience Is a Mindset

Unlike the cartoons we watched as kids, the good guys don't always win in real life. All of us, in fact, have suffered loss of some kind when things didn't turn out like we hoped. Kimberly's heartbreaking story of her son Jonny is any parent's worst nightmare, but she learned to broaden her mindset in order to survive. Jonny's story will inspire your audience to put aside the mindset of victimization and open your mind to the possibility of the greater good and greater purpose. 


Healthcare Is a Calling

Spending a year in and out of hospitals with a child diagnosed with cancer provides many insights for healthcare professionals from a cancer mom's perspective. The things healthcare providers do routinely are often life changing moments for the patient and family. Those providers that commit the time and emotional energy to connect to patients and families are often rewarded with renewed purpose and fulfillment. Kimberly's heartbreaking story will ignite your healthcare team, motivating them to put the patient first and showing them the remarkable impact they can have on their patients. 


Faith Is Action

In the Bible, Jesus repeatedly tells us to have faith…believe…do not fear. How do you do this in the face of a parent's worst nightmare? What do you do when you don't get what you prayed for? Even when literally millions of people were praying with you? Kimberly's story of loss and faith will remind you that God is God, and our personal agendas are not always the same as His. When we let go of our personal agenda, we find the freedom and peace He promised in spite of the troubles of the world…and He rewards us in ways we could never have imagined. 


“Kimberly Wade is one of the most brave, extraordinary, and faithful woman I have ever met.  Faced with the loss of one of her precious baby boys, she grabbed the hand of God and truly dug head first into faith and grace. I was in attendance when she came to share Jonny’s story with us and it was heartwarming but also heartbreaking.  I can’t imagine losing a child and I have no idea what she is going thru day to day but all I can say is ‘wow’.  She is one tough woman. I was in absolute awe of her and Jonny’s testimony.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Kimberly and her family.  I know that being faithful and true to God is what will supply their needs and he will bless those who continue his work for good .”

-Haleigh James, Solid Rock Worship Leader


“Kimberly is a mom on a mission, bringing awareness to childhood cancer and a message of faith.  She speaks raw truths on the realities of watching Jonny battle cancer and the overwhelming devastation of when he went to be with Jesus.  Kimberly has lived a parent’s worst nightmare, yet she exudes a God-given strength as she shares her story with anyone who will listen.  Her unbreakable faith in and unwavering dependency upon God in the midst of her brokenness have been an inspiration.  Thank you, Kimberly, for changing the face of childhood cancer and for allowing God to use you to inspire hope and change.”

-Brittany Lung

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