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"Send Me Butterflies"

 A Mother’s Undying Love

What happens when your life is turned upside down? What happens when everything you have hoped for and prayed for is gone? Follow one woman’s journey through every parent’s worst nightmare to learn how spiritual strength is perfected in human weakness. This story of emotional survival will inspire you to face your fears with a new confidence, stronger spirit and deeper faith.

“Kimberly’s journey shows how you can find a new perspective on faith and trust in God, no matter what. She reminds us that God’s designs are often bigger than we can imagine, but we must let go of our own agenda to fully trust Him and embrace His plan for our life. This is a beautiful story of a mothers love for her son and the lessons God taught her along the way.”—KEITH CRAFT, FOUNDER AND LEAD PASTOR OF THE MEGACHURCH ELEVATE LIFE CHURCH IN FRISCO, TEXAS

“With much fear and concern in the hearts of parents about their children’s lives, Kimberly’s voice offers hope and peace, no matter what circumstances may arise. Jonny’s story of innocence, hardship and strength is powerful. This family has released their own heartache into a tangible opportunity for others to be spared. We can all embrace their journey and walk it together for the cause of thousands of children!”—SCOTTY GIBBONS, AUTHOR, SPEAKER, PARENT OF CHILDREN WITH CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES | SCOTTYGIBBONS.COM 

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