Kimberly Wade is an award-winning motivational speaker and author who inspires audiences with the story of her 8 year old twin son Jonny. Jonny bravely fought a form of pediatric brain cancer, and during his fight he inspired millions of people around the world. His story is based on the miraculous strength and courage that came from the faith of a small boy. 


Currently, Kimberly is the President of the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation, in memory of Jonny Wade.  She participates in speaking engagements and fundraisers across the country, and is an advocate for improvements in pediatric cancer research and treatments.  She has been highlighted in industry magazines, hosted on radio talk shows, interviewed and introduced on television shows and commercials to share her inspirational story. She was honored as a “hero family” at the 2016 State of the Union and bestowed the “Healthcare Inspiration” award.